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A Prayer to the Self.

Dear Reader;

Sometimes the transmissions represent a pure moment of awareness, sculpted into expressive concepts and the word-form of poetry. Be Still is exactly that, and also a prayer to the self. An invitation to be heeded with ritual repetition in these intense times. as a balm to the nervous system and the heart. When you are weary, when you are afraid and disconnected from the higher Self. When you wish to intentionally call yourself into alignment. When you are tired, fragile, and even, especially when you are in a hurry.

Know that stillness is not something that can be pretended. It’s either true, or it’s not.

Speak Be Still aloud, and/or listen on repeat. I’ll have it up on Youtube soon.

Be still
Be still like the creeping dawn
the lake silent in the mist
of a slow first light
breath of a sleeping Mother
be still

Be still
Be still as the page of a book
which does not turn
no future to discover
no past to remember
only the now
this moment present
in perfect words of stillness
the perfect no thing
of no where
be still

Be still
Be still for music has ended
as the silence arrives
as the echo dies
as the sonic memory fades
even as we know
song may come again
even as we know
sound was once heard
in this place it is absent now
the strings mute
the bow rests
the ear forgets
everything except nothingness
be still

Be still
Be still in God
in Death
Let the breath not hurry
Let the hunger not rush to eat
Let the thirst of the body
for the river of life
soften and slow
as all the doings are done
the calendar freezes
the alarm promises
to never ring again

There is no bread to bake
no bed to make
no candle to light
no war to fight
no money to be made
and no world to save

The story you have told
over and over
is over

Be still
Be still

Please do comment so we can discuss. 

much love,

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