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Let Me Carry the World

A Kore Reading Excerpt - Caretaking Pattern
the brilliance penetrates 
the dark..
and we have died
for the very purpose
of coming back to life

Can you see
how the heart of tragedy
must lead us
to encompassing love?

And here we are
in the midst of the dead fall
and yet at the same time
tasting the brilliance
even as we are learning
how to release it 
from within
Here we are falling
Here we are spinning 
into galaxies..

~SINGULARITY: The Days of One


The video above is a small excerpt from one client's Kore Reading, the foundational element of the Kore Process. These readings speak to past lifetimes which illustrate the karmic road blocks we experience in our lives today. They reveal the central fear-based pattern which is running in the background, influencing so many primary experiences and emotions. They help us bring to consciousness what we have not been able to see for ourselves, to release our karmic habits of old.

This client had a pattern of overwhelming care-taking, and an orientation toward achievement and duty. Loving and brilliant, she was being driven by unconscious fears, as we all are when our patterns remain unconscious.

The reclamation of her inner permission to slow down and be present with herself was a deep and powerful lesson to learn.

Would you like to know your Kore story?

Please reach out; I am happy to share more about the process and discuss if it may serve you.

Much Love,

"This was the most magnificent unveiling of so many hidden wounds and gifts - just a gentle, incremental journey of discovery ever-deeper, uncovering so many facets of being that shape my current life, all linked to a story from millennia ago.

As the story penetrated my consciousness, life brought me the opportunities to face the fears, and there were many. Just when I thought I had reached the depths of understanding, there was another layer presented to me to explore.

Adi is gifted at recognizing the links between current challenges and the pattern - things we can see at best with difficulty ourselves. What gradually unfolded - and it continues - is a rich opening into expansion of possibilities, liberation and joy in life."

~ Kim, Kore Reading recipient

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