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Monster in the Light

A Transmission for Starborn Souls.

 “Starborn” is the archetype of the senstive ones, the wise ones, the mystics and the Earth angels. They are cosmic outliers, wherever they go.

Heads in the clouds and feet barely touching the soil, their gifts are revealed as they remember their purpose and agreement to a human birth…


There are those 
who came to Earth to lead 
and there are those 
who came to lead 
through the denial 
of their leadership 
saying no not I 
no not I 
let me be only 
the gentle music of the soul 
and then in 
this very denial 
crash into the personal lie 
for I am the power 
I am the drive 
I am the total 
of all light and dark 
and as such 
I will learn to see more 
and fear less 
most especially 
not to fear 
the Self I hide

We know what it means
to fear the dark
but seldom do we understand
why we do
We think it is too terrible
to truly see
We think it will consume us
or that we do not wish
to be a part of any world
where the sun disappears
at night

But so much more than this
we fear the dark
because it comes to remind us
of the power
the passion of our brilliance
It reminds us
that in fact
we have nothing to fear
for our own light is always
more powerful
and it is this truth
we are so afraid to see

Where is the logic?
you cry
Why would I fear
the very light which comes 
to rescue me?
And yet
all you angels of the world
it is so
it is so that you run
from the very Grace which is yours
For to claim this grave power
you must agree
to see who you are
and in that reclamation
stand up in the face
of all Darkness
yours and others
and say
I have come
I have arrived
and the Darkness
is no more

And the truth is
dear Guardian
of all that is beautiful
all that is safe and pure
it is your willingness
to claim your own gifts
of mystery and clarity
which holds the answer
to even the most terrible
of all the shadows
which have fallen
across your path

As you stand to say
I am stronger
I am more real
I am unafraid
to look the monster
in the eye
it is this very willingness
which awakens
not only your permission
to choose your own desires
but the wider
greater knowledge 
that there is no force
under Heaven
which can harm you
which can soil the beauty
of your Earth
once you rise up
without apology
rise up in the knowledge
that whatever horror
is brought to you
your own invitation
to your divine nature
is stronger
and in this richness
is capable of transforming
the very nature
of the suffering
you have been so afraid to see
within your world 

Think of this:
before there was light
and all was only the vast
nothingness of the non-illuminated state
there was no contradiction
But upon the arrival
of that which you know so well
the radiance
the language of your heart
the dark must lose its force
it cannot remain
once light enters
it loses all power
and must dissipate
until true nature
true vision
is restored 

And thus you have been born
to see
that the more you hide
the more you retreat
from your own passion
the greater your fear
the less your strength
and capacity to cope
in a shadowy world

But the day you say
I open my eyes wide
I see in my willingness
I see everything
I have been most afraid to see
when I shine my gaze
into what has been hidden
I feel my own fierce truth rise
and the lie
of the bad
the pretence
of the Terrible
must melt
because the dawn has come
and that which
kept me weeping in my bed
has dissolved
my vision
my Light
is all I have ever needed
to feel safe and at home

No more
will I give my attention
to the urge to run away
to deny
no more will I assume
the power
of that which once
rocked and destroyed
my world

Instead I claim
the Creator Within Me
instead I see I am
but God
and as such
there is nothing beyond
my Love
which cannot be melted
by the hot light
of my own heart
Shadow and Source
are One 
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much love,

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