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Q and A: Unearthly Guidance

What Is a Kore Reading, and what is your experience as an intuitive when you receive one?
The entire world
the whole of godly nature
makes sense
nothing can stop you
and nothing can force you
The free child
the loving beast
and the wise mother
always become one
in the end

Don’t even think about it
Be it
That’s all

Let the war rage
let the fire roar
let the fear run its course
You will be aligned
with the greatest part of yourself
and you will have remembered 
yourself as Creator
your being
as Source

Time compresses
Realities are forged

There is nothing else
to be done
but free the child

~ Excerpt, The Free Child

In our Kokoro Circle last night we touched upon some potent subjects. Our world seems awash in darkness right now, affecting each one of us, not only as we witness a global deconstruction unfold upon our screens, but also in the personal lives of many. We are cracking open. The moment is now.

I experienced my intuitive awakening in January of 2000, and since those very early days, the guides have spoken of this time, over and over. Clear your fear, they said, for your stability and constancy will be needed in the days ahead.

And what is the role of shadow work, such as the Kore Process, in such times? If we consider that in the political realm, our familiar definitions of the left and right seem to be crashing and dissolving into one another, leaving us awash in global confusion and instability… If we consider that as our Mother Earth cleanses, entire states and nations are entering a great migration, no longer knowing where to call home… If we consider that trust in spiritual, governmental, medical and educational institutions is crumbling as revelations of the great dark within them unfold… And if we observe how the veil between the material and the etheric is becoming increasingly thin, and we are able to create instantaneously as we surrender to our multi-dimensional natures, we can see that the New Earth is upon us, and the old ways are done.

It is in our readiness to walk free of habitual, karmic limitations that we may find our purpose, our role in the collective experience of the end days, at the beginning of something long awaited and true.

In the Kore Process work we are offered a profound insight into our soul history, the origins of our hidden trauma and conversely the nature of our soul purpose. There is no better time to know who you really are, than now.

If you have wondered what is this process, to which I have dedicated so much of my life, the video above addresses this question. I share the experience of a client whose very painful Kore story assisted her in coming to terms with an unconscious trauma which had haunted her throughout her life.

These days of change are no time to be alone, disconnected or without support. The like-minded folks of the Kokoro Circle await. Perhaps this is the time for you?

There is but one answer to know.
Where lies your fear and how 
will it be set free?

Are you afraid of death?
It shall be presented to you.
Are you afraid of separation, isolation?
It shall be presented to you.
Are you afraid of loss?
It shall be presented to you.
Are you afraid of being controlled?
It shall be presented to you.
Are you afraid that your world is false and unsafe?
It shall be presented to you.
Are you afraid that your worst fears 
are destined to come true?
It shall be presented to you.
Are you afraid that Love is a lie 
and that underneath it lives irreversible darkness?
It shall be presented to you.
Are you afraid to trust your own heart?
To believe in a higher purpose 
which might make sense of all this?
This too shall be presented to you.
Here you will find the answers
to the one question
you ask. 

In this time
there is but one question to ask yourself.
Not why are politicians corrupt
and which one can I trust.
Not will our financial system collapse
and how will I survive.
Not who is the dark one who pursues me.
Not who is right and who is wrong.
Not who is awake and who is asleep.
Not where do I find 
an unbiased and objective truth.

Why was I born?
and why am I alive at this time?

~ Excerpt, Why Were You Born?
much love,


Are there any questions you would like me to address in a future video? Please let me know.

And here is a treat.. one of the most angelic renderings of beautiful surrender that I have ever heard. May you be inspired.

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