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Q and A: Transpersonal frequencies

What is an Attunement? What does a Kore Process attunement initiate?

Dear friends,

The world is roiling, the times are turning us upside down and inside out, for this is the way we expand. This is the way a new Earth is born.

I have wonderful news to share. We have spread our wings and are in the process of establishing our very own World Without Fear Community off social media, on an independent platform. We have already opened the doors to Kokoro Circle members to their private space, and soon will invite everyone from our larger community to join our public space. Stay tuned.

The above video explains one part of the Kore Process experience. We are living in a multi-dimensional world, now asked to bring the blessings of our higher natures into actualization. The Kore Process work is one powerful way to receive an immediate assist in accessing this aspect of you. After decades of offering these readings, I am astonished by how perfect and potent they are for this very moment. Time is Now.

And if you are feeling heavy, worried, alone.. we’ve got you. Please join us for an online Salon tomorrow (Tuesday) evening at 7 pm Eastern, to honour the Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse.

Adi Kanda is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Nov 8/22
Time: Nov 8, 2022 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 872 9777 1763
Passcode: 111
Find your local number: 

Connecting with like-minded souls is an essential tool in our medicine kit. Come meet some of our Kokoro Circle folks, and receive live energy work and good conversation.

Yesterday I walked by the beach and this gorgeous kite was flying high…. Click on the image to see the video I made for you.

The Kokoro Circle is open for enrolment. Please reach out to enquire if the Kore Process is right for you.

much love,
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