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A Solstice Transmission
There is a ring of lights
that encompasses the world
and of this
we are a part
There is a ring of lights
that begins
with these nights
but there is no end
until it has travelled
beyond the eye
beyond this land
to the other face
of a sleeping planet
and back 
to our own arms
once again

There are songs
that have lived
for so many years
and the stories they tell
are true
They are taken from lives
born and gone
from hands
that have touched ours
and never let go
from dreams
that were real
for magic once lived
upon this earth
and the songs
tell us this

For there is a ring of lights
around the world
and they burn
and they always

The songs
have taught us
as together we sang
but there is a new voice
that begins from below
and it rises
seeming confusion
until we see 
that there is both
pain and joy
in one note
one throat
and the power
of the song
is rich with this source
for within our suffering
emerges joy
to the top
of the chest
to the lips
that open
to the flame
of the candle
that is lit again
and rises
to the next
and the next

For there is a ring of lights
that surrounds the world
and it burns
as we hold it
hand to hand
higher and higher
for the new voice
commands us to
Do you feel
the sorrow
asks the wise man
of the child?
Do you feel
the joy
asks the child
of the man?
And here
is the miracle
that we hold 
each one of us

One and the same
our pain burns brighter
until the shape
of the flame
becomes our joy
and our heart opens
in the same place
it once was broken
and love is found
as huge
as the voices
that have sung the songs
around and around
over and over
in truth

Each of us
has known the gift
of a child
born and growing still
We bear our own
little one
that small Self
birthed and held
in our heart

Out of darkness
he comes
out of nothingness
she rises
and there is
no magic

We are asked only 
to love
one child
our own mother’s child
and this
is the Peace
this is the wonder
that may be shared
beyond language
beyond fear
beyond the pain
of old
for each of us
is a miracle
is a light
and there is a ring of lights
around the world
as wide
as the world
and as far
as our growing 
can see

It is
the blessing of love
made alive
made of flame
as we awaken
in the soul
and reach out
from this safety
to touch
the one standing near
the one standing next
and the ones that follow
the ring of lights
surrounding our world
on into the night
It burns
as never before

A new voice
a new joy
has come
much love,

Love Letters
Love Letters Listen
Frequency, Story and Consciousness
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