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The Story of Evil

The Story of Evil

Are you Evil? Are you righteous? Are you mistaken?


Dear Readers

It would seem we are poised upon the precipice, darkness rising everywhere we turn. There was a time when I scoffed at the notion of evil. When I saw only the light, because that was what I wanted and needed to see. Then the darkness came to find me, confronting me in the deepest possible way, to challenge my naïveté and arrogance. There is a difference between generating a chosen, collective reality, and wishing for an escape from what feels too difficult to bear. In only one of these, our eyes are open wide.

Some of us cope with the shadow of this dimension by losing faith, settling into bitterness, compulsion, or blame. Others commit to an ungrounded pursuit of what feels better, chattering determinedly about all the wonderful things, until the backlog of denial reaches a melting point. But perhaps there is another way. What if we were to discover that it is not the pain of life, which is inevitable, but rather our response to it, which generates our suffering.

What if our true natures are alchemical, and rather than driving out darkness, we were meant to chew it, transform it, and spit it out into the fertile ground of a higher purpose. Is this not the end of separation, wherein all experiences flow downstream in a river of lifetimes, as we dance between dimensions and realms?

The following transmission is one of several received over the years, inquiring about the meaning of Evil. Dated May, 2020, it prepares us for the reckonings of our present times. No more hiding, no more denying, no more projecting.

Time is Now.

Enjoy the audio version to assist with integration. I would love to hear your thoughts about this perspective.


The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli

The darkness you fear so much
must be seen
must be tasted
to be integrated
to be understood
Shadow cannot exist without light
Light is illuminated by shadow
We agree to experience
both aspects
for they are fundamental
to this creative realm

For centuries the perceived darkness
was our despised enemy
We fought it
with our armies
our missionaries
our technocrats
our superstars
and gods of every kind

We believed that this was
a battle which must be won
and they were the bad guys
the other 
the enemy
and we were the heroes
the saviours
the righteous
the chosen in God’s eyes

Our arguments were the best
our ideas were the most brilliant
our teachings the most wise
We were on the right team
with the good guys
Everyone else
was over there
on the other side
We needed the darkness
to show us
how wonderful we were
and how perfect life would be
if only we could eliminate
everything we didn’t like
everything we didn’t want to see
We conquered continents
destroyed and enslaved nations
to show them
just how right we were
we built empires
created religions
each one more righteous 
than the one before

We designed doctors
to eliminate our fear
of traditional medicines and ways
we built schools
to fill the minds of children 
with the information 
we deemed correct
We gathered and sheltered wealth
so it could be controlled for our benefit
by the ones who knew best
We burned witches
and rainforests
and ancient Tibetan texts
and Jews with their entire families
in special ovens 
just for them

We shaved the sacred hair 
from the heads of the Creator’s children
and silenced the language of trust
from their hearts and their lips
We sold slaves like animals
and animals like slaves
we put toddlers in cages
to keep our ideas

We cut the perfect 
sexual organs
of our boys and of our girls
and filled their bodies with drugs 
and false foods 
and the inherited terror
of our narrow tribal decrees
We crushed the tenderness 
of their hearts
and imprisoned our angry young men
by the millions all over the world
We worshipped our guns and our rockets
as we bombed our temples 
and mosques
while the priests raped our children
and the men violated the women
and the women betrayed one another
because that is what
the powerless do

Our chosen politicians 
shamed one another
with stories of someone else’s shadow
and they even cried out
Shame! Shame! 
let me give you some more 
because you are the problem
you are the darkness
you are the other
and I separate myself
in my blame of you
in the hope that I will find
my own precious safety 
in the distance
over here

We have lived these beliefs
for centuries
we have danced in circles
away from 
our own forgotten wisdom
since the beginning of humankind
We were proud
of our conquests
our arrogance 
our ignorance
and our sanctioned cruelties and crimes

We wrote them into our sacred books 
we decreed them into law
We made sure to silence 
and attack anyone 
who dared to disagree
We rebelled
and then we shot the rebels
even young girls
on their way to school

The days of our childish denial 
are done
the days of believing
that evil is a force outside of us 
are over
And the days of claiming 
our own humbling permission for truth
have only just begun

The habits of judgement
and projection
the trick of perceiving the problem
as done to us by another
these no longer serve us
these are no longer
who we are
The stage of denying our unity
is dissolving in its own chaos
for these days have fulfilled their purpose 
We are asked
to begin

The false belief in separation
is both the reason we suffer
and the reason we embodied at all
We were born to learn
to release our own pain
and this will be
the most courageous 
most terrifying
most purposeful choice we will make
in our experience
of wearing bodies
in our time
of inhabiting the dimension
of this gracious Mother Earth

And it starts with our willingness
to see
that all the voices of dissent
all the theories
all the mistrust
all the holier than thou
all the off with their heads
and lock them up
all the cleaning of the swamps
the unfriending
the finger-pointing
the calling out
the naming and reporting
all of it
all of it
all of it
leads us back
to our own darkness
as a foil to our own light
because when we can dare to know
the completeness of our souls
there will no longer be strangers
in our world

There is no misogyny
no fear of the purity of women
without a separated masculine
who fears his own beauty
has been lost to the dark
There is no political oppression
no crushing of freedoms
no subjugation of the meek
without the ones who have used
desperate means
to run from their own
inner powerlessness
their own denial of the shadow
which crept in the window
of the wounding
of their hearts

There is no perpetrator who
was not once a victim
no bully who has not been
bullied in turn
And so the voices of these times
rise up full of rage 
they did this
they hurt me
they lie to me
they silence me
they will force me to do
what I do not choose
they are the madmen
the monsters
the demons and the dominators
They are the ones
I fear

And yet
dear souls who ready yourselves
for a time of the greatest surprise
you have ever known
the darkness is no foreigner
the darkness 
lives in you
in me 
in every corner of our world

Are you Evil?
This is the name we give
to the dark
when we feel we must push it
outside of ourselves
so painful is it
to see
to feel

Are you righteous?
This is the belief we prefer
because we are so afraid 
to own 
all the shattered aspects 
of the self

Are you mistaken?
You are perfect in your inner horror
You are exactly
as your soul intended you to be 
in this moment
just as you will be perfect
as you transform 
in the next
and the next
born into the very world
which asks you
to dare to tell the truth
that there is only one wound
the separation you are living
from yourself
from your true nature
from your remembering
of all that you call Divine

You are welcome to continue
as long as you need
You may keep poisoning your world
You are invited to keep hating
believing yourselves to be victimised
You have every right
to fight for your right
to be angry and miserable
and confused

Because you see
you have been free all along
The part of you
that is capable
of the miracle of choosing
to return to wholeness
this cannot be taken from you
Not by the most vast oppressor
not by any external enemy
not by Death itself

And if there is one gift
of these times it is this:
The purging of the chaos
you have kept shuttered
within your own selves
will finally reveal the only truth
which is that the darkness
you so fear 
is as real
as you allow it to be
after centuries of hiding it beneath
the trap door of your heart
And so 
dear children of your Creator 
shout down
the walls of your own making
Blame until 
you have vomited out
all the self-hatred
you hoard within
And then 
in the gentle space
which will come
like an eerie silence
once the ground stops shaking
once the hurricane dies
once the flood waters recede
once the fire burns itself to dust

In this silence you will hear
the breathing of your own life
and you will notice
that the air you inhale
is the very same 
as that which your enemy breathes out
That the evil you painted
as unthinkable
is alive and well
in an aspect of the self
you have kept in the basement
of your own beloved psyche
and with its liberation
all the monsters
will reveal themselves
as your very own children
and alone

And then will come
the days of which you have dreamed
the politicians will stop their speeches
the prisons will open their doors
the children will study
in the schools of the forests
the rivers and the skies
The four-leggeds will run safe and free
the sun will set on the machinations
of humankind
our Mother will reclaim her mountains 
her valleys and her shores
and the hate which was once
the language of our species
will no longer be spoken
nor understood
in the new dimension
of the reunion
of our alchemically
ascending souls

once a despised word
will be spoken of in fabled stories
as the hero
who dared to play the role
of the most hated
the most feared
so the rest of the world
could witness this reflection
and in turn
could learn to Love

The choice is ours
Time is Now
In the rubble of our illusions
we are ready to begin again

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